Thermix spacer in black
Thermix TX Pro

Thermix TX Pro – the new standard in Warm Edge spacers

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True to the slogan “Progress for professionals”, we have further improved the tried-and-tested Thermix spacer and consistently adapted it to the latest requirements relating to ease of processing and insulating effect.

Less weight – for reduced load on the frame during processing 

The lighter-weight design of the Thermix TX Pro reduces inertia so that dynamic stresses during processing place a smaller load on the spacer frame.

Low Psi value – for highly efficient thermal separation 

Thanks to the smart combination of highly insulating plastic, reinforcing wires in selected areas and wafer-thin stainless steel, Thermix TX Pro spacers have very good thermal properties. Consequently they enable – characteristic of Thermix – outstanding Uw values and effective thermal insulation at the window while ensuring maximum processing reliability and functional safety.

Identical processing operation – for a problem-free switch and optimum insulating glass quality

Thermix TX Pro can be processed just like its predecessor using the majority of bending and filling facilities. To perform the switch, usually only small parameter corrections are needed in production, something our technical support team are happy to help you with.
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The spacers can be easily inserted and also be bent quickly and securely. Their high dimensional stability simplifies handling and offers the possibility of automated further processing which is particularly economical. Clean butyl sealing without air pockets is ensured by wide flanks and fold-free, bent corners with minimal widening.

Thermix accessories – for perfect, stable connections in the long term

Thermix spacer accessories
The corner keys and straight connectors, as well as tubes and plugs for gas borings, specially developed for the Thermix TX Pro fit precisely and ensure secure connections and high stability of the frames.

Thermix spacers for insulating glass are available in a wide range of colours and sizes

The range of “warm edge” Thermix spacers includes the following different profile widths: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 mm.
Table with profile widths

Thermix spacers are offered in the standard colours black and light grey as well as in special colours. Additional colours are available on request!
Colour table: Standard colours and special colours
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