2/25/2019 / News

EPD for Thermix: confirmed sustainability

Certifications in line with DGNB and LEED continue to gain ground. For this reason Ensinger, together with the Institute of Window Technology ift Rosenheim has prepared EPDs on the basis of company-specific, life-cycle assessment data. For the warm edge spacers Thermix TX Pro and Thermix Low Psi, the environmental impact is documented by means of an environmental product declaration (EPD).

Certifications on the increase worldwide

The official presentation of the EPD took place at BAU 2019 in Munich. A representative from the ift symbolically handed over the certificate directly at the Ensinger stand.

The ift Rosenheim officially presents the environmental product declaration EPD for Thermix spacersEPD for Thermix: Klaus Esser, Sales Manager (left) receives the EPD for Thermix warm edge spacers at BAU 2019 from Florian Stich, Deputy Head of Sustainability at the ift Rosenheim (right).

“With Thermix we are contributing to a sustainable improvement in the energy efficiency of buildings”, Rolf Friedrich Buhl, Thermix Sales Manager at Ensinger, is pleased to report. “For a long time now, it has been possible to calculate to what extent the optimised thermal insulation pays off as a result of lower energy consumption. With the EPD we are going one step further and supplying sound data in order to prepare comprehensive life-cycle assessments for systems in which our products will be used.”

Life-cycle assessments pay dividends

The EPDs illustrate the environmental impact of the thermally insulating construction products Thermix and insulbar from Ensinger across their entire production process using key figures.

Within the context of the life-cycle assessment, the Institute analysed comprehensive data on the life cycle of Thermix “from the cradle to the factory gate”, in other words from raw material extraction through to sale and distribution. It also took into account the disposal and/or recycling. The environmental product declaration now contains reliable values which make it possible to provide evidence of sustainability to processors as well as to buildings owners, planners and architects. In addition, the EPD supports distributors and processes with fulfilling ever more stringent environmental requirements in the context of tenders.