Thermix Warm Edge spacer Low Psi
Thermix® Low Psi

Extremely robust, unbelievably efficient

Thermix Low Psi spacers in different colours
The new Warm Edge spacer Thermix® Low Psi combines maximum energy efficiency with simple, reliable and very flexible processing – and is therefore the ideal solution when low Uw values and economical production are important.

Extremely low Psi value – for optimum insulating effect and maximum energy efficiency

With its extremely low thermal transmission coefficient (Psi = 0.029 W/mK), Thermix® Low Psi is the right solution for achieving low Uw values as are required for energy saving windows in low-energy and passive houses – and provides window suppliers with benefits in relevant invitations to tender.

Thermix® Low Psi saves on energy, heating and cooling costs, and increases the temperature on the room side in the glass edge zone by minimising the thermal bridge. This reduces the risk of condensation and mould formation – and contributes to a healthy, pleasant indoor climate.

*Triple glazing, Ug = 0.7, wooden frame in accordance with the ift guideline…

Extremely robust – for simple processing with fewer rejects

Thermix® Low Psi can be processed rapidly and reliably, and is resilient during frame production and handling and during muntin bar attachment. This is because it consists of polypropylene (PP) with a high glass fibre content and a multi-layer barrier film – a material composition which counteracts brittle fracture effectively. This simplifies handling, reduces rejects and post processing – thereby saving time and costs.

Flexible, secure processing operation – irrespective of process and technical facilities

One option is for Thermix® Low Psi simply to be sawn and, using the Thermix® corner keys, processed into a precisely inserted frame. Alternatively, it can also be bent hot – on all suitable bending facilities with an appropriate hot bending module. The high dimensional stability of the spacers simplifies handling and enables automated further processing. The multi-layer barrier film is a highly efficient gas and moisture barrier and ensures the reliable adhesion of polyurethane sealant, silicone and (butyl) hot melt. Clean butyl sealing is ensured by very low product tolerances, wide flanks and accurately fitting corner connectors or perfectly bent corners with minimal widening.

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Switching to Thermix® Low Psi can take place safely and easily. Our technical support team will be very happy to assist you on site.

Thermix accessories – for perfect, stable connections in the long term

Thermix Low Psi accessories
The corner keys and straight connectors, as well as tubes and plugs for gas borings, specially developed for the Thermix® Low Psi fit precisely and ensure secure connections and high stability of the frames.

Particularly adaptable – made for a broad range of uses

As well as black, Thermix® Low Psi is available in five special colours in the sizes 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 mm. It is perfect for combining with Thermix® muntin bars. Hence this Warm Edge spacer fulfils nearly all the requirements and design preferences of your customers.
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