Our full Thermix® product line

As well as containing Warm Edge spacers in all customary sizes and a variety of colors, the Thermix® product range also comprises muntin bars which give the appearance of a genuine lattice window.

Thermix® TX Pro

Thermix spacer in black
Efficient thermal insulation, maximum processing reliability: this sums up the passive house-certified Thermix® TX Pro.

Thermix® Low Psi

Five Thermix Warm Edge spacers Low Psi
Maximum energy efficiency combined with simple, reliable and very flexible processing: Thermix® Low Psi with an even lower Psi value.

Thermix® black flank

Thermix® black flank spacer
The Thermix® black flank prevents unattractive “flashes” in the glass edge zone of frameless facades and thereby ensures a uniform, aesthetically pleasing facade appearance.

Thermix® muntin bars

Thermix muntin bar in different sizes and colours
Give the appearance of a genuine lattice window and visually complement the Thermix® Warm Edge: Thermix® muntin bars for insulating glass.

insulbar® insulating profiles

insulbar insulating profiles
Discover another smart solution for saving energy: the insulation of metal windows, doors and facades with insulbar® insulating profiles.