09/17/2018 / News

Thermix Low Psi: When less is more

Ensinger is expanding its range of spacers: With Thermix Low Psi we can now offer a spacer with an extremely low Psi value. “The new Thermix Low Psi is setting standards in processability and energy efficiency”, explains Rolf Friedrich Buhl, sales director for Thermix. “With a representative Psi value of just 0.029 W/mK1, Thermix Low Psi is one of the best thermally optimised spacers in the high-performance segment.”

Thermix Low Psi consists of glass fibre reinforced polypropylene (PP). A multi-layer barrier film on the spacer serves as a highly efficient gas and moisture barrier and ensures the reliable adhesion of polyurethane sealant, silicone and hot-melt butyl. 

Illustration of Thermix Low Psi spacers in different coloursThermix Low Psi is available in the sizes 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 mm, as well as in the standard colours black and light grey and four special colours.

Clean butyl sealing is ensured by very low product tolerances, wide flanks and accurately fitting corner connectors in the case of a sawn profile or cleanly bent corners with minimal widening in the case of a hot-bent frame.

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1 Representative Psi value for triple insulating glazing Ug=0.7 W/m2K in a wooden frame, determined in accordance with ift guideline WA-17/1m (see BF data sheet W36 Thermix Low Psi).