2016-03-02 / News

Thermix® introduces itself: Marnie Röder

Since spring 2013, she has been shaping Thermix®'s public image: Marnie Röder, Head of Marketing for Ensinger construction products. Together with her team, she is continually working to improve the brand and its international profile. Everything to do with marketing, from the strategic direction to the operational implementation of appropriate measures, such as campaigns, flyers, trade fairs, PR and websites, is her responsibility.
Marnie Röder is shaping Thermix®'s public image

The marketing graduate has a background in the same line of business: Before joining Ensinger she spent thirteen years working for the company Schöck Bauteile where she was in charge of coordinating international marketing. During this time, Marnie Röder supported several countries and regions with all marketing issues. Thus, she was able to gather experience in a wide variety of areas and media. You can tell that she feels at home in the building sector: with unfailing energy and enthusiasm, she is continually expanding Thermix® activities. But even outside of her Ensinger office she plays an active role in the industry, for example as a member of the German Association Window and Facades (VFF) Marketing Work Group. "Visible successes and new challenges give me new motivation every day", is how the 43-year-old describes herself. "If I don't enjoy what I am doing and am not enthusiastic about my work then I'll hardly achieve anything."

Although she travels a lot for work, it doesn't stop Marnie Röder from indulging her passion for travelling in her leisure time. Her favourite destinations include the countries of south-east Asia with their colourful culture and their friendly people. "Just the special scent of jasmine in the air and of aromatic spices make these trips unforgettable for me", says Marnie Röder.

If you have any marketing-related queries, you can reach Ms Röder on telephone number +49 (0)7032 819-244.