2016-08-16 / News

Thermix® introduces itself: Heinz Raunest

Heinz Raunest has stayed loyal to Ensinger in Bavaria since 1990. A carpenter by training, from 1994 he was even there when “the foundation stone” of Thermix® was laid and consequently knows the product and its production facilities and processes better than anybody else. This, coupled with an in-depth understanding of technical aspects, ingenuity and a thoroughly friendly nature makes him indispensable to colleagues and customers alike.
Application engineer Heinz Raunest – there's no-one who knows more about Thermix®

As a Thermix® application engineer, Heinz Raunest functions as an important link between Ensinger and our customers. On the one hand, as a result of direct customer contact, he incorporates the challenges of the market into our spacer production and development, which is essential to the optimization of processes and products. On the other hand, he supports and helps our Thermix® customers with implementation or with problems on site. And here he won't allow himself to be put off by what may still constitute big challenges. The keen 'tinkerer' won't rest until the best solution has been found. And even with a process that appears to be running well, he always finds something to tweak to improve it just that bit more.

In his personal life, there is barely a device which does not get modified and optimized, too. It can well be the case that Heinz Raunest makes adjustments to his lawnmower, with the result that the grass – unlike with the standard machine – gets mowed 15 minutes faster with no need for refuelling. In his low-energy house, too, he has devised all the technology himself: the heating, for example, is based on a cleverly designed, automatically controlled combination of solar energy, pellets and combustion of firewood. "For me it is important that I leave behind an ecological footprint which is as small as possible to preserve our living environment for coming generations. That motivates me constantly to come up with new ideas how I can design things more economically and efficiently," explains Raunest,  the father of an 11-year old son. "And that is why Thermix® is particularly important to me."

Nevertheless, he still has time for another hobby, namely scuba diving. He goes diving everywhere, be it in a lake or the sea and regardless of the season, so he even likes the odd dive in winter under the ice.

If you have questions or a request for Heinz Raunest, you can reach him on +49 (0)9971 396 442 or [obfemailstart]aGVpbnoucmF1bmVzdEBlbnNpbmdlcnBsYXN0aWNzLmNvbQ==[obfemailend].