2017-08-15 / News

Thermix® introduces itself: Christian Helfert

It’s appreciated by his customers, and certainly by us as his colleagues: Christian Helfert is all about forming meaningful relationships. He has been in charge of Thermix® Sales for nine years with responsibility for the German speaking countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A committed sales team member, he considers his role to be to provide support to customers in technical and commercial matters, but on the human level too. He aims to engender a basis of trust from which to serve his customers with outstanding products, helping them move forward, offering problem solutions and so building a solid, long-term relationship.
Attaches particular importance to a relationship with customers based on mutual trust: Christian Helfert, Thermix® Sales

Christian looks back on an interesting and varied career. After high school and completing a degree in geology, he decided to additionally train as a master painter and decorator. Before joining Ensinger, he was already working as a sales representative and in the sales department of another company. He also studied part-time to gain a masters degree in sales management.

Perhaps these different facets are what make talking to him such an interesting experience. The 49-year-old isn't one for small talk, conversations with him quickly go to a deeper, more philosophical level. “The discrepancy between human possibilities and the bare reality we face on a daily basis concern me,” admits Christian. “As humans, we sometimes block our own way forward.”

A father of two daughters (11 years + 11 months), Christian lives with his family in Bavaria in Southern Germany. He enjoys balancing his professional life with competitive sporting activity in the form of Historical European Martial Arts and ju-jitsu, as well as pursuing his interest in astronomy, geology and archaeology.