2016-11-15 / News

Thermix® introduces itself: Alexander Konradi

Globetrotter par excellence: On 1 August 2016 Alexander Konradi joined the Thermix® Sales team and since then has been tirelessly travelling around Eastern Europe and the Balkans. In the coming months he will be paying an official visit to all customers and interested parties.
Constantly on the move: Alexander Konradi

For Alexander, his job is a vocation: He loves the lively contact with people, with all their different mentalities and cultures. His customers' satisfaction is his absolute priority. The keen traveller describes himself as open and communicative, solution- and success-oriented. Despite all this enthusiasm, leisure is still important to him. In his free time, therefore, he enjoys playing chess or going to watch a football match. He also likes playing sport himself, although this is sometimes difficult as he is constantly travelling. His solution: a folding bike which goes with him in his car boot whenever possible. This allows him, once he has finished his work, to explore whatever area he happens to be in.

Even before Ensinger, the trained retailer consistently worked in construction sector sales departments. Alongside this, the ambitious salesman completed a part-time distance learning degree in business economics. And yet he is still working to improve his personal level of education: At the moment he is working to perfect his English and therefore spending all his holidays taking languages courses in Malta. The Mediterranean island is now like a second home for the 35-year-old. However, his greatest lifelong dream is to travel to all the countries of the world. According to Alexander he is already half way to achieving his goal.