2016-11-25 / News

Thermix® inside: The warm edge for Canada

Prelco Inc. is a leading Canadian manufacturer of glass products with a wide range of articles in the commercial glass, industry and transport sectors. In Prelco's insulating glass it is Thermix® spacers that provide the warm edge. A few years ago now the company, which is headquartered in Montreal, decided to refine its products across the board in the form of an improved spacer. Thanks to its impressive performance values, a decision was made in favor of Thermix®. Since then, under the brand R-MaxTM, it is an integral part of Prelco insulating glass units and consequently in the relevant information pack for architects. This makes the R-MaxTM, aka the Thermix® spacer, the preferred Warm Edge spacer on the Canadian market today.
Thermix® inside: University Hospital Research Center, Montréal, Canada
Some impressive references provide proof of the cooperation between Ensinger and Prelco, which is greatly valued by both parties.