5/17/2019 / News

Balls for future champions?

A special mission took Sales Representative Benjamin Mohn to Alsace (France): Philippe Gless, who works as a Manager for our customer Har-Fu International (a branch factory of Kompotherm) had asked Thermix for a particular kind of help. The boys at the football club Soultz-sous-Forêts were in desperate need of new balls, but the club did not have the necessary funds. So the passionate football fan had the idea of asking Ensinger. We were happy to help out with the request.

Mr Gless has been supporting the little club for a long time now. For many years the muntin bar constructor accompanied his son, who played for the FC, to all his matches. This generated a long-lasting, enduring friendship with the football club, even if Gless Junior is long since grown up.

Thermix Sales Representative hands over footballs to Thermix customerBalls for future world champions? Benjamin Mohn (left) handed over a sack full of footballs to Philippe Gless, Manager at Har-Fu International and a supporter of the FC Soultz-sous-Forêts
Har-Fu International supplies the French and German markets predominantly with ready-made muntin grids. Here it uses the Thermix muntin bar, which allows windows to look like a normal, genuine lattice window.