2017-04-27 / News

Ryerson University Trapping Light

Canadian insulating glass manufacturer Prelco created an unusual facade for the Student Learning Centre at Ryerson University. The striking, award-winning building skin, which creates varying qualities of light in the building’s interior, consists of angular printed insulating glass units. Thermix® provided the warm edge seals in the edge bond.
Award-winning crystal: the Student Learning Centre with its striking, especially energy-efficient façade.

Efficiently Illuminating

"The range of temperatures in Toronto is wide and extremely changeable," explains Sylvain Maillet, Marketing Manager at Prelco. "To minimize cooling and heating requirements, we recommended triple-glazed insulating glass elements with Low E coating, warm edge spacers and argon filling. This meant that the glazed portion of the building could be increased from 40 to 60%." With a UW of just 0.96 W/m2K and additional daylight reducing the need for lighting, the façade guarantees high levels of energy efficiency. The Student Learning Centre, which also won the Façade Innovation Award, was recently awarded an LEED gold rating.
Lots of light: the angular printed insulated glass creates varying qualities of light inside the building
For the curtain facade, Prelco printed and assembled 3,000 high-performance insulating glass units up to 1471 x 2487 mm in size. "In conjunction with high-performance glass and inert gas filling, warm edge spacers instead of standard aluminium spacers enable improvements in the window’s U value of around 10 to 20 percent," confirms Mike Gainey, Thermix® Product Manager in North America.

Thermix®: Standard Reference in Tenders

Prelco has been working together with Ensinger for over ten years and has included warm edge spacers – renamed as "R-Max" – in its architecture glass package. This is currently the preferred spacer on the market for high-performance glazing, and is a standard reference in public tenders in Canada.