5/28/2019 / News

Quality mark for Thermix renewed

For a long time Thermix TX Pro spacers have been among the quality-monitored components which are allowed to be incorporated into RAL-labelled insulated glass. This certificate has now been renewed.

When it comes to insulated glass with the RAL quality mark, the (German) Gütegemeinschaft Flachglas [Flat Glass Quality Association] e. V. (GGF) monitors and guarantees the stringent requirements placed in general on products with RAL quality marks. Consequently every manufacturer who wishes to label their insulated glass accordingly must undertake to comply with the rules imposed by the GGF.

Since May 2016, the Quality and Testing Regulations RAL-GZ 520 for the primary products, spacers, drying agents and sealants used in insulated glazing have been in force.

RAL quality mark for the components spacers, sealants and drying agents in insulated glassThermix spacers are among the quality-monitored components which are allowed to be used for the manufacture of insulated glazing with RAL labelling.

These components have, since then, been required to undergo self-monitoring and monitoring by external agencies. Only the quality-monitored products cited in the current version are allowed to be used for the production of insulated glass bearing the RAL quality mark.

Thanks to the quality mark, the purchaser is able to tell that the insulated glazing meets these high standards. Insulated glazing with the RAL quality mark gives planners and building owners the security of knowing they have purchased a quality product that is made to last.

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