2017-11-29 / News

RAL Quality Mark for Thermix

Products with the RAL quality mark meet the highest quality requirements. They assure planners and builders that they have purchased a durable and high quality product. A product that has been put through its paces. The quality mark gives consumers an unmistakeable, easily identifiable measure of quality, offering them security and protecting them in the long term from any unpleasant surprises.

The German Multi-Pane Insulating Glass Quality Association monitors and guarantees insulated glass with the RAL quality mark. Manufacturers who want to label their insulated glass accordingly have to comply with the quality and inspection regulations of the Multi-Pane Insulating Glass Quality Association.

The RAL-GZ 520 quality and inspection regulations from May 2016 introduced both in-house and external monitoring of the components of insulated glazing, i.e. also for warm edge spacers. Insulated glass bearing the RAL quality mark may only contain such quality-controlled components.

Thermix spacers are among these monitored components that are allowed to be installed in RAL-marked insulated glass. In practice, this means that spacer samples have to be taken directly from the insulated glass manufacturer and tested by an independent institute. The German State Materials Testing Institute Darmstadt (MPA) is the appointed independent test institute.

With Thermix, you can therefore rely on consistently high quality. That’s why we offer excellent warranties for our products. Find out for yourself.