2017-02-06 / News

Passive house-compatible from the south of Chile to northern Sweden

At the BAU trade fair Ensinger once again was given the seal of approval by the Passive House Institute for its Thermix® Warm Edge spacers. Thermix® is considered passive house-compatible even in cold climate zones – from the southernmost part of South America to the north of Sweden.

“With our component certification, we help manufacturers develop highly energy-efficient products and bring them onto the market", says Dr. Benjamin Krick, Head of the Working Group for Component Certification at the Passive House Institute.

During the BAU 2017, Dr. Benjamin Krick, Passive House Institute, handed over the award to Dr. Albert Lingens, Head of Thermix® Sales.

Active for the passive house

When passive houses were still a niche topic, company founder Wilfried Ensinger already saw the future in Warm Edge spacers. Thermix®, one of the first hybrid spacers made from highly insulating plastic and stainless steel, has been continuously further developed by Ensinger since 1997 and marketed worldwide.