7/2/2018 / News

Greater flexibility with Flex20

For customers who are also keen to keep rarely used sizes and colors of spacers in stock or, in general, order smaller batch sizes, Ensinger is offering the space-saving packing concept Flex20.

Flex20 is a wooden pallet filled with 20 boxes containing Thermix spacers or muntin bar profiles of different sizes. Since, unlike the steel stillages, it does not need to be returned, the boxes can be simply left in the wooden frame. In this way, different sizes and colors can be stored on a pallet in such a way that they are easy to see. Depending on requirements, you can remove precisely the size and color that you happen to need at the time. Thanks to a label on the front of each box, you can always maintain a clear overview.

Drawing with dimensions of the Thermix Flex 20 wooden stillagesThe individual boxes can be left in the pallet and removed individually if required.

You thereby retain full flexibility in your production without tying up huge storage capacities.

Dimensions of the wooden pallet:

  • Approx. 0.72 m wide x 0.75 m high x 6.25 m long
  • Empty weight 130 kg

Filling quantities per box:

Do you require more detailed information on Flex20? Your personal Thermix contact will be pleased to assist you with further information.