2018-03-02 / News

Meet Thermix®: Klaus Esser

Klaus Esser has been assisting and advising Thermix® customers for 13 years. As Sales Manager he is responsible for sales covering a large region: Northern Germany, the Benelux states, Scandinavia and the Baltics all lie within his area of responsibility. Above all, his customers appreciate his reliable, honest and humorous manner.
Klaus Esser
Loyal to Thermix® since 2005: Sales Manager Klaus Esser

Esser looks back over his many years of experience in sales. Even before he joined Ensinger in 2005, the 46 year-old already had many years of experience in sales of windows and industrial doors. He is a man of conviction: "I find sales fascinating, even and especially in a fiercely competitive market such as that for warm edge spacers. Successes carry more weight as a result," says Esser. "I also enjoy having contact with other people and the travel opportunities that come with my job."

Permanently on the road during the week, the father of two (12 & 9) enjoys spending time with his family on weekends. Alongside joint activities he also enjoys his motor boat and sailing.

Klaus Esser is always willing to listen. You can contact him by telephone on +49 151 19 54 03 31 or by e-mail at