2015-12-08 / News

May we introduce…?

You will probably have only ever had contact with them by phone or in writing, but never met face to face: Our colleagues from the Thermix® Customer Service Department. So that you can put faces to names, we would like to introduce Barbara Müllner and Susanne Wolf. Both focus on particular regions, but together with their colleagues also deal with all other countries.

Susanne Wolf and Barbara Müllner

For over 15 years, Barbara Müllner has put her heart and soul, and lots of dedication, into advising Thermix® customers across the world, but primarily from the UK. The business economics graduate perfected her English skills during a year-long stay in the USA directly after university, and learnt Italian and French in the course of various trips and seminars. In general Barbara has a keen passion for travelling, with a particular weakness for islands: the Falkland islands, Bali, Easter Island and the Faroe archipelago are among those that she has already visited. The avid motorcyclist also loves touring Northern and Eastern Europe.

Susanne Wolf, who has been with the company for 14 years, is likewise a loyal Thermix® employee. She provides excellent all-round support predominantly to our customers in Turkey and Germany. Ms Wolf, who originally trained to be a doctor's assistant, switched early on to clerical work and worked for an association before joining Ensinger. At her home in the area of Lake Constance, one of the most picturesque parts of Germany, she relaxes from the challenges of work and family chiefly by spending time outdoors. Be it Nordic walking or hiking, whenever she finds the time Susanne Wolf likes to go outside.

Together Barbara Müllner and Susanne Wolf enjoy the daily contact with customers from throughout the world and the team spirit within the Thermix® Team.