4/1/2015 / News

Please note: the blue marking will be discontinued!

Thermix TX.N plus has now been on the market since October 2012, and has gradually replaced Thermix TX.N. As stocks of our old Thermix TX.N spacer have now “sold out”, there will be a few minor changes in our product marking.

What does this mean in detail?
1. The sleeve used to wrap the profiles is now white again.
2. The blue dot will no longer appear on the stillages, crates and accessory boxes.

Please also note that for warranty reasons, only original Thermix TX.N plus corner keys and Thermix TX.N plus straight connectors may be used when processing Thermix TX.N plus spacers.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to ring on +49 751/354 52 10 at any time.