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Thermix® - warm edge spacers

Thermix® warm edge spacers are a worldwide concept for an effective solution to prevent the thermal bridge effect at windows. They permit considerable savings in terms of energy and heating costs, and improve the room atmosphere in the long term.

The ift Rosenheim officially presents the environmental product declaration EPD for Thermix spacers

EPD for Thermix: confirmed sustainability

In the course of the trade fair BAU 2019, the ift Rosenheim presented us with the environmental declaration (EPD) for Thermix spacers. This provides comprehensive data on the life cycle of Thermix “from the cradle to the factory gate”.

Save energy with insulated windows

All important information about Thermix® spacers can be gained from watching our video.
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Uw calculator

Calculate and compare the thermal transmission coefficient. A practical aid, also for more complex windows with muntin bars.

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Thermix® spacers are used the world over. Renowned customers place their trust in our expertise.
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Thermix TX Pro

Thermix® TX Pro is the Warm Edge spacer that optimally fulfils all the latest requirements relating to ease of processing and insulating effect.
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