Warm edge spacers: small component, big effect

The quality and energy efficiency of insulating glass hinges decisively on the type of spacer used. This small component installed between the panes keeps the individual glass panes in a multiple glazing system apart and prevents escape of the gas filling. A thermal bridge also results from this, however. When a conventional aluminium spacer is used, so much heat and valuable energy is lost. A highly insulating spacer made from special plastic prevents these thermal bridges by thermally separating the pane on the room side from the external pane. The insulating glass now has what is known as a Warm edge.

Thermix spacers

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Thermix® spacers provide the Warm edge in multiple insulated glazing systems. The window edge on the room side stays warmer and energy losses are significantly reduced.


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The key advantages for insulating glass manufacturers, window constructors, planners and architects at a glance.

 Facts about room climate 

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An optimum indoor climate provides health benefits and saves on heating costs: by way of air moisture, correct heating and ventilation.