Simple insertion of the Thermix® spacer between the insulating glass panes.
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Thermix® Warm Edge spacers are synonymous with cost-efficient processing and can be processed using customary techniques. We provide you with comprehensive advice with all issues and will be pleased to give further assistance. To ensure that your production continues to run quickly and smoothly during the switch to Thermix®, we will help you set up your production technology on site on request.

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Greater cost-efficiency during insulating glass manufacture

Bending of Thermix® spacers
The construction method and combination of materials make Thermix® very rigid, but the profiles can be bent amazingly quickly and easily. Thanks to their high dimensional stability, the bent frames are particularly easy to handle and can be processed further in an automated operation. Rapid bending and efficient further processing mean improved economy when it comes to processing. The bent corners of the Thermix® spacers are fold free, demonstrate minimal widening and have wide flanks – thereby ensuring butyl sealing without air pockets. An important precondition for reliable processing and good insulating glass quality.

Greater flexibility during processing

Regardless of whether you manufacture bent or inserted frames: Thermix® spacers can be processed using methods customary in insulating glass manufacture. Specially developed corner keys and straight connectors as well as tubes and plugs for gas borings ensure well-fitting and secure connections every time.

Lots of bending and filling facilities can be easily converted to work with Thermix® spacers. Using suitable or adapted bending facilities, Thermix® spacers can be bent hot and can in some cases also be bent in a cold state.

Insulating glass manufacture with Thermix® warm edge

Comprehensive Warm Edge advice for insulating glass manufacturers

Bending of Thermix® spacers
Our specialists will gladly share their knowledge and inform and advise you regarding the benefits of the Thermix® Warm Edge solution, and are there to help you with all questions connected with the topic of “best window insulation”. We provide information in specialist lectures and, through training sessions, make your employees fit to perform reliable, efficient processing. You will also receive comprehensive informational material on Thermix® spacers and muntin bars, along with product files with relevant characteristic values and processing recommendations.

On-site support with switching your production technology

Thermix® spacer during the bending process
We make it easy for you to integrate our quality products into your production process. Our experienced sales representatives and technical specialists are also happy to advise you at your company premises, will support you with the installation or conversion of your production technology and bending facilities, and will carry out flexural testing with you so that you can quickly make use of the benefits of Thermix® Warm Edge spacers and capitalise on maximum production safety and high productivity in the long term.

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