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11/07/2019 | 

Alu Pro and Ensinger: Exclusive Negotiations

Alu Pro and Ensinger are pleased to announce that they have entered into exclusive negotiations for the transfer of Thermix insulating glass spacers business to Alu Pro. Closing of the transaction is expected to complete as soon as possible.

19/06/2019 | 

Having the (warm) edge

Thermix spacers keep the heat in the room and the cold outside; the window edge on the room side stays warm.
Three planet Earths would be needed just to supply, on a long-term basis, the resources consumed by industrialised and newly industrialising countries. This means that every individual has an obligation to protect the ecosystem and preserve it for future generations. Ensinger is also making its contribution.

06/06/2019 | 

The one with the groove

Thermix spacers with a close-up of the grooved structure
The connoisseur will recognise the Thermix warm edge at a glance by its grooved surface. But is there actually a reason for this trademark feature of our spacers? Yes, there is.

28/05/2019 | 

Quality mark for Thermix extended

RAL quality mark for the components spacers, sealants and drying agents in insulated glass
Insulated glass with the RAL quality mark may only contain quality-monitored spacers such as Thermix TX Pro. Our warm edge still meets these high quality standards. The Flat Glass Quality Association is now confirming this once again.

17/05/2019 | 

Balls for future champions?

Thermix Sales Representative hands over footballs to Thermix customer
If a Thermix customer needs support, we are happy to help. Above all when it comes to promoting sports activities for young people. Just like in the case of our customer Har-Fu International.

15/03/2019 | 

Visit us: Trade fairs 2019

Illustration of different international country flags
This year, too, the Thermix Team is looking forward to seeing you at lots of international trade fairs. Wherever your journey is taking you, we will be delighted if you visit our stand. 

04/03/2019 | 

Uw calculator: New version available

Three screens of the Thermix WinUw calculator app
With the Thermix Uw calculator the thermal transmission coefficient of a window can be calculated rapidly. On the desktop or on a mobile device using an app. We have now overhauled the practical tool.

25/02/2019 | 

EPD for Thermix: confirmed sustainability

The ift Rosenheim officially presents the environmental product declaration EPD for Thermix spacers
One of our highlights at BAU: In the course of the trade fair, the ift Rosenheim presented us with the environmental declaration (EPD) for Thermix spacers. This provides comprehensive data on the life cycle of Thermix “from the cradle to the factory gate”.

28/01/2019 | 


Illustration of glass ball on hand with the writing EVI Excellence
We would like to get a bit better for you every day. And we want to do this using improvement methods based on local requirements but always with one thing in common: Every employee can and should contribute his ideas so as to actively shape and improve processes. 

10/12/2018 | 

Thermix celebrates Christmas

Our company is taking time off from 18 December to 2 January. We hope that you enjoy some peace and quiet over Christmas and the rest of the festive season, have lots of quality time and that the New Year gets off to a happy start. Instead of Christmas presents, this year we are once again donating to a project run by the Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation. 

03/12/2018 | 

Ensinger at BAU 2019

Illustration of the BAU trade fair app on tablet and smartphone
Everything to do with our warm edge spacers, along with our new products Thermix Low Psi and Black Flank, are awaiting you at BAU at the Ensinger stand. Our “trade fair app” will keep you updated with all the important things to do with the fair. 

22/11/2018 | 

Passive house-certified for arctic climate

Illustration of Thermix Low Psi spacer with certificate from the Passive House Institute
By now, Thermix is surely a must. The new Thermix Low Psi rounds off our range of spacers – because it perfectly satisfies the needs of the passive house and “green” construction sectors. This is also confirmed by the Passive House Institute. 

02/10/2018 | 

Glass façades: Black flank ensures optimum results

Illustration of glass assembly with and without Thermix black flank
A good flank is worth a lot and can be a game-changer. We all know that from football. And in frameless glass façades too there is a lot riding on the spacer flank. With Thermix you can be sure you won’t be outflanked. ...

17/09/2018 | 

Thermix Low Psi: When less is more

Illustration of Thermix Low Psi spacers in different colours
For all those who set particular store by a low Psi value, we can now offer Thermix Low Psi. With a value of just 0.029 W/mK, it makes it possible to satisfy the most exacting standards for passive houses and ‘green building’. ...

06/09/2018 | 

Clean-up for Thermix

Illustration of the new Thermix website
Now and again every house is in need of a thorough refurbishment. When this takes place, the technical facilities are fully upgraded, superfluous items discarded, useful items purchased and everything given a new coat of paint. And that is exactly what we have done with the Thermix website ...

23/08/2018 | 

A spacer makes history

Milestones in Thermix product development from 1993 to 2018
Thermix, the very first co-extruded spacer profile, was launched 25 years ago. A lot has happened between the launch of the first Thermix, which still had an internal metal foil, and the arrival of the brand-new Low Psi version. You can find out how the product and the market have changed over the years here ...

02/07/2018 | 

Greater flexibility with Flex20

Lorry with Thermix Warm Edge spacers packed in Flex 20 pallets
For customers who are also keen to keep rarely used sizes and colours of spacers in stock or, in general, order smaller batch sizes, Ensinger is offering...

29/06/2018 | 

New ordering address for Thermix

A lady is sitting at the computer and ordering Thermix Warm Edge spacers
We are constantly working to make our workflows even better. To improve our service, we are introducing a single e-mail address for...

21/06/2018 | 

Inside (to) out(side): Sarah Scheurenbrand

Export Sales Manager Sarah Scheurenbrand
Sarah Scheurenbrand is switching from office-based sales to Thermix field sales. Since last summer she has gradually been taking responsibility for more tasks in the capacity of Export Sales Manager. In the process...

01/06/2018 | 

Save the date: Let’s go to Düsseldorf

Official logo of the glasstec trade fair
Our preparations are gradually approaching the critical stage.  The leading global trade fair taking place in October is getting ever closer, and there is no pressing ‘pause’. ...

18/05/2018 | 

Further building project at the Cham site

North-east elevation of the planned extension to production and logistics facilities at the Cham site
Ensinger is about to make a further investment at the Cham site. The plastics processor is planning to extend a production and logistics building that was put into operation ten years ago. These new building plans are the second construction project...

12/03/2018 | 

25 years of Thermix warm edge

Birthday cake with inscription reading 25 years
What started off as a purely niche area is now indispensable in windows: the warm edge. Until the 1990s, spacers made of aluminium were predominantly used for insulated glazing. 1993 marked the birth...

02/03/2018 | 

Meet Thermix: Klaus Esser

Klaus Esser
Klaus Esser has been assisting and advising Thermix customers for 13 years. As Sales Manager he is responsible for sales covering a large region...

23/02/2018 | 

New Website, New E-mail

Woman surfing the new Ensinger website
With its high-performance plastics, Ensinger is now represented globally at 33 sites and in numerous industries. As a result of this growth, our old corporate website was out...

01/02/2018 | 

Thermix is Exhibiting

Thermix trade fair stand with visitors
The 2018 trade fair year has already started for Thermix at the beginning of March with Pencere Eurasia Window in Istanbul. That was only the beginning, however. We have other important...

04/12/2017 | 

Sales Under New Management

Rolf Friedrich Buhl has been managing the sales of Thermix since 1st November 2017. Ensinger is delighted to have gained such an experienced and successful individual who is committed...

29/11/2017 | 

RAL Quality Mark for Thermix

Products with the RAL quality mark meet the highest quality requirements. They assure planners and builders that they have purchased a durable and high quality product. A product that has been put through its paces. The quality mark gives...

15/11/2017 | 

Ensinger Foundation: Helping People Help Themselves in Nigeria

The Wilfried and Martha Ensinger Foundation has been supporting a school project in the village of Nimo in Nigeria for the past 20 years. With its help, a primary school was initially built that is now attended by 525 children. ...

18/09/2017 | 

Proven quality

Since the beginning of the year, the new Thermix® TX Pro has been gradually replacing the predecessor products of the TX.N series. The most popular sizes 12, 14 and 16 have already been replaced, with...

15/08/2017 | 

Thermix introduces itself: Christian Helfert

It’s appreciated by his customers, and certainly by us as his colleagues: Christian Helfert is all about forming meaningful relationships. He has been in charge of Thermix Sales for nine years with responsibility for...

26/07/2017 | 

Perfectly insulated and earthquake proof in Chile

Frontal view of the residence of the German Embassy, Chile
The German Embassy in Santiago de Chile, built in 1944 in the Neoclassicist style, is located in a seismographically highly active area at acute risk of earthquakes. A decision was taken as long ago as 2008 to evacuate the building on safety grounds. A wise move, as a serious earthquake...

10/05/2017 | 

News from the Warm Edge Task Force

The data sheets with representative Psi values for windows and façades that are issued by the Federal Flat Glass Association (BF) are well-known far beyond Germany’s borders. They are popular because...

27/04/2017 | 

Ryerson University Trapping Light

Canadian insulating glass manufacturer Prelco created an unusual façade for the Student Learning Centre at Ryerson University. The striking, award-winning building...

10/03/2017 | 

SAP for Ensinger

Unnoticed by you, we have already been working for a long time behind the scenes on the introduction of SAP corporate software. Ensinger has deliberately allowed itself a lot of time for...

28/02/2017 | 

Thermix® introduces itself: Andreas Prechtl

Since September Andreas Prechtl has been a valuable member of the Thermix® international sales team. Andreas is responsible for the UK, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, China,...

06/02/2017 | 

Passive house-compatible from the south of Chile to northern Sweden

At the BAU trade fair Ensinger once again was given the seal of approval by the Passive House Institute for its Thermix® Warm Edge spacers. Thermix® is considered passive house-compatible even in...

30/01/2017 | 

Video: Ensinger at BAU 2017

From 16 to 21 January it was that time again: The leading global trade fair for architecture, materials and systems opened its doors once more. As always,...

25/11/2016 | 

Thermix® inside: The warm edge for Canada

Prelco Inc. is a leading Canadian manufacturer of glass products with a wide range of articles in the commercial glass, industry and transport sectors. In Prelco's insulating glass it is Thermix® spacers that provide...

15/11/2016 | 

Thermix® introduces itself: Alexander Konradi

Globetrotter par excellence: On 1 August 2016 Alexander Konradi joined the Thermix® Sales team and since then has been tirelessly travelling around Eastern Europe and the Balkans. In the coming months he will be...

05/09/2016 | 

glasstec 2016: Thermix® TX Pro

After months of preparations, everything is now ready to welcome you to the most important trade fair of the glass industry. This time, lots of new things...

16/08/2016 | 

Thermix® introduces itself: Heinz Raunest

Heinz Raunest has stayed loyal to Ensinger in Bavaria since 1990. A carpenter by training, from 1994 he was even there when “the foundation stone” of Thermix® was laid and consequently knows the product and...

29/07/2016 | 

Video: The material of the future

In the 1960s, lots of things are is in a state of flux. New materials are conquering the market. And Wilfried Ensinger is experimenting in his garage on new techniques in order to...

20/06/2016 | 

50 years of Ensinger: Built to last

In 1966, Wilfried Ensinger started up his own business in a garage. It was barely long enough to enable extrusion of fibre-reinforced plastics on the two home-made facilities. Before a strand reached the other side of the road...

30/05/2016 | 

Thermix® introduces itself: Silke Weinmann

Since 2010 Silke Weinmann has been an integral part of the Ensinger marketing team for the construction products Thermix® and insulbar®. She ensures that everything always runs like clockwork at our trade fair appearances. From planning through to...

26/04/2016 | 

Warm Edge for China

Ensinger is continuing the launch of its Thermix® spacers on the Chinese market. At CHINA GLASS in April, Ensinger presented its Warm Edge at the stand...

03/03/2016 | 

BF data sheets now also available for facades

The data sheets "Psi values for windows" issued by the "Warm Edge" working group of the Federal Flat Glas Association (BF) are known even beyond German borders. They are popular as they provide a simplified proof of...

03/03/2016 | 

Ensinger turns 50!

After starting up in a garage in Ehningen, a small town in the south west of Germany, Ensinger has developed over the course of half a century from a small business to an international group of companies. Nowadays, the company is ...

02/03/2016 | 

Thermix® introduces itself: Marnie Röder

Since spring 2013, she has been shaping Thermix®'s public image: Marnie Röder, Head of Marketing for Ensinger construction products. Together with her team, she is...

25/02/2016 | 

Linear connectors out of plastic

Ensinger is adding to its Thermix® accessories range a plastic linear connectors made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. This material option is immediately available for spacer sizes 12, 13, 14, 16, 18 and...

08/12/2015 | 

May we introduce…?

You will probably have only ever had contact with them by phone or in writing, but never met face to face: Our colleagues from the Thermix® Customer Service Department. So that you can put...

26/10/2015 | 

Tradition combined with modern window inulation

Three years of construction time were needed to enable the Kölner Flora, situated in the middle of the botanical gardens, to shine in new splendour. Just in time for its 150th anniversary, the city reopened the elegant glass palace...

02/09/2015 | 

A strong Team for France

After being on maternity leave for two years, from September Martina Wiest is back to support the Thermix® sales and distribution team. Thanks to her excellent language skills she is dealing, as before, chiefly with the needs of the French customers,...

12/08/2015 | 

13 mm warm edge

Ensinger is extending its range of warm edge spacers to include the profile width 13 mm. An important supplement for Dr. Albert Lingens, Sales Director Thermix®...

10/06/2015 | 

Getting into shape: Thermix® TX.N plus in semi-circular insulating glass elements

To open up scope for further expansion, Ensinger Sintimed based in Austria has erected a modern company building with a total area of 4000 square metres in Seewalchen on Lake Attersee. The new building, which...

29/05/2015 | 

Thermix® TX.N plus is now a certified passive house component

Certification of passive houses ensures that the stringent quality requirements of the passive house standard are met. This standard is characterized by...

01/04/2015 | 

Please note: the blue marking will be discontinued!

Thermix® TX.N plus has now been on the market since October 2012, and has gradually replaced Thermix® TX.N. As stocks of our old...